The message of the first day of SMW Lagos 2016 was clear: Africans need to own their media.

Attendees received tips from leaders in digital media such as Claude Grunitzky, co-founder of TRUE Africa. In our Google Hangout Suite, he began his session, Building an African Media Company in the Age of Social, by asking the audience if print in Africa is dead. He also urged Africans to take ownership of their media. “The continent,” he said “is looking for media companies that are rooted in the African experience.” He also believes we need to also support media ‘Made in Africa.’ His example was Indians supporting their movie industry, Bollywood. “We need to be wiser about investing and supporting our own media in Africa,” he said.

Google Hangout Suite

All smiles in our Google Hangout Suite at the Building an African Media Company in the Age of Social Media event

Other highlights of the day included the session How Does the Western Media Get in Nigeria Wrong?  The event touched on getting past extremes in covering Africa, from stories of the downtrodden to Africa rising narratives. Panelists suggested finding nuanced stories in the middle of these extremes. Other points included trusting local media and not relying on outlets such as The Guardian, New York Times or BBC to provide news about Africa. “We have an inferiority complex. We are waiting for the BBC. Well, the BBC depends on us,” said Omoyele Sowore, founder of Sahara Reporters.

What were some of your favorite moments from The Future of Media Summit? Share your thoughts with us on social media. We hope you’re ready for Round Two of SMW Lagos tomorrow.


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