2020 Theme

HUMAN.X, SMW Lagos’ theme for 2020 will lead an important conversation focused on what it means to take a human-first and experience-driven approach to innovation across industries and in our communities throughout the continent.

The current digital paradigm has connected us as Africans and enabled us to do more in business, in government and in our own lives. However, in a hyper-connected mobile first world, human interaction and IRL experiences often take a backseat. This happens at the detriment of consumers and the communities we are looking to engage and empower. During SMW Lagos 2020 we’ll discuss the importance of putting people and community at the forefront as marketers, creatives, policymakers and citizens. We’ll explore how reframing our approach to marketing and community engagement leads to more human focused and immersive experiences that drive culture, shift perceptions and have a meaningful impact on us aas individuals and collectively as Africans.

HUMAN.X is the 2020 global theme for all SMW cities. You can learn more about how the theme is being explored globally here.

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