Fans of social media  know that Twitter is often entertainment itself!

Social Media Week is here and Lagosians can’t wait to experience something new.

Here’s my Top 10 twitter hashtags you should follow during the event. You don’t want to miss the conversations;

  1. #NokiaSMWLagos – For info on all the nokia events and activations and giveaways
  2. #smwBIT – Follow conversation of events happening at Business Innovation and Technology Hub @ Porsche
  3. #smwPEGS – Follow what’s happening at the Policy, Education, Governement & Society Hub at the Lagos E-Learning Centre
  4. #smwMACE – Music, Art, Culture & Entertainment Hub @ Terra Kulture
  5. #smwGUESS – Follow the conversation for GUESS Fashion Day
  6. #smwBIllboard – Follow the conversation for BIllboard Music Day
  7. #SMWLagosLive – Follow the conversation for
  8. #SmwWTL – Follow the conversation for The Lagos You Don’t See Mobile Hangout
  9. #SmwChangeMakers – Follow the conversation for Social Media for Change Makers
  10. #SMWhistorynow – Follow conversation about the 50 Greatest Nigerians we never knew

I will be speaking at this event –  NOLLYWOOD! The Power of Being Social – Join us here for real-time feed | #smwBON

There’s a lot to keep track of and you don’t want you to miss anything.

Join the Conversation Here;
Twitter | @SMWLAGOS
Facebook | SMWLAGOS
Follow the Livestream Here
Google + | SMWLAGOS


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