Technology has provided new mediums for brands to achieve their marketing objectives. The Digital Technologies For Brand Marketing & Communications masterclass explored how we can use new digital platforms to achieve these objectives, whether to drive brand awareness or increase brand ROI.

It also highlighted how communication platforms have evolved, particularly social media, how they have changed the marketing channels and the (not-so-far) future of digital marketing in Nigeria. These are some of the techniques that can effectively and efficiently market products to achieve your brand’s objectives.

Social media and collaborations – collaboration tools help people to effectively share together on social media. There are key factors to note when sharing together as a social media team which includes:

  • determining your strategy and structure
  • establishing a consistent voice and tone
  • giving the right access either as contributors or managers

Examples of collaboration tools for social media teams are Slack, DropBox, Canva, Google Drive, Trello and more.

Mobile app and technologies – there are over 5 billion mobile phone users worldwide and mobile marketing provides personalised information of the users because they interact with mobile brands and technologies on a daily basis. This interaction offers insights about the consumers, which companies can maximise to improve the user experience.

Big data analytics – this enables real time monitoring of consumers, it’s a form of re-marketing. Big data helps to make decisions faster and allows you to predict the consumers before they know what they want. The best way to capture data is to promote customer reward; we need to consistently extract data from customers with a view to effectively marketing them.

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