Three amazing entrepreneur mums walked us through their journeys on how they became #KickAssMums.

The theme of the SMW Lagos session, organized by Mompreneur, laid out endless possibilities for tech-savvy mothers who want to live life on their terms.

Temitope Kifayah, CEO of The Legit-Way-Out, explained that each time you talk to your target audience, make it as personal as possible. The more personal, the more likely your audience will take action. Also, people are not out to join a pity party to help; they want real value and are willing to pay when they see it.

Rachel Asakome, founder of Beautifully Nappy, thinks that you can start a business from the one thing you are passionate about, whether that’s natural regimens to food.  Most importantly, she says, “just start!” Don’t try to have everything in place; a lot of things can come later. Plus, look online for ways to get better. For example, join groups to help you with improving your message.

Tope Mark-Odigie, CEO of Ewabela, shared her understanding on the three things every mumpreneur struggles with — balance, priorities and sacrifice. Many times, there is a tendency to feel like there is a need to have it all together before stepping out. But she says your message is more profound in your struggle and you’ll always find people willing to help. Also, whatever you want to be known for, repeat it over and over on every post you put out there. Or a hashtag. Or as part of the story in your caption. After a while, if someone needs that service, you’ll be the first person they think about.

A #KickAssMums group will be starting soon. You still have a chance to have a go at this. Be on the look out!







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