Traveling to Lagos for Social Media Week Lagos and confused about what to pack? Here is a travel list to serve as a quick guide to help resolve your uncertainty.


1. Cash:  Nigeria for the most part is a cash based economy. Cash is the most common transaction medium in Nigeria. There are a number of money transfer outlets (Western Union and Money Gram) in Lagos so you might find it useful to transfer money before you travel and take delivery of it upon arrival. There you can convert it and even open a Nigerian account if you please.

2. Back-up batteries/power packs for your electronic devices:  Many areas in Lagos do not always enjoy stable power supply. To make sure your devices are always charged up for use, having spare batteries is a good idea.

3. Step-down adapter:  Since most electronic devices from North America are built for 110-120 Volts electrical input, and the standard voltage in Nigeria is 220-240 Volts, a step-down adapter is necessary to avoid damage to your devices if you plan to use them in Nigeria. Do refer to the user manuals of your gadgets to confirm their compatibility with higher voltage.

4. Solar-powered devices:  If you have mobile solar-powered versions of gadgets you would be using during the conference, please consider bringing them to Lagos. You will find all the sunlight you need and unstable electricity will not be your problem.

5. Light/cotton clothes:  Well, if you read the prior tip, you must have guessed this was coming. Yes! Lagos is presently enjoying a daytime temperature of about 30 degrees Centigrade on the average, so you would want to feel comfortable as the sun smiles lavishly on you.

 6. Sun protection:  Be sure to bring whatever keeps you minimally affected by sunlight. Some suggestions are sunscreen, sunglasses and scarves.

 7. Anti-malaria and other special medication/prescriptions/dietary requirements:  It is advised that you take anti-malaria tablets if you are easily prone to malaria. Also, bring along any special brand of medications, medical prescriptions, or dietary supplements that may be difficult to find outside your country. If you have any specific brand of personal effects you particularly cannot live without, then you should bring it as well.

 8. Strong bags/suitcases with locks and tags:  It is safer to be security-conscious in Lagos and mind your luggage properly. It would help to bring hard bags and suitcases with locks and tag them properly. However, you may need to leave your luggage open for airport security to avoid risking their locks being damaged.

Don’t make the mistake of not taking out time to explore the beautiful city of Lagos. Remember to bring along your adventurous self as well!

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