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For the 2015 edition of Social Media Week Lagos, we are proud to be piloting several great new initiatives. We introduce the #SMWLagosExplore event track!

On Friday  February 27, 2015 We’ve teamed up with incredible organizations including PIN, PAGA, Andela! and many more to #GetLocal and explore Lagos’s burgeoning tech and creative communities!

The city’s most innovative companies and organizations will host a variety of off-campus #SMWLagosExplore experiences at Lagos’s tech hubs, cultural institutions, co-working spaces and startups! #SMWLagosExplore gives locals the opportunity to experience first hand the great work and vibrant community of Africa’s “Upwardly Mobile” community.

Here’s a list of all of the great opportunities attendees will have to get off campus and get to the nitty gritty.

#SMWLagosExplore with PAGA! Transforming Lives: The Story of An African Start-up

#SMWLagosExplore with PIN! Behind The Scenes

#SMWLagosExplore: Andela! See the Future of Africa’s Tech Talent Ecosystem

#SMWLagosExplore: Gamsole Arena Mobile Gaming Party



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