For the 2015 edition of Social Media Week Lagos, we are proud to be piloting several great new initiatives. We introduce the #smwLagosNites event track!

As each day of incredible programming at the Landmark Centre comes to a close, fear not – the night is just beginning with #swmLagosNites.

With the help of some of Lagos’ best and brightest tastemakers, entrepreneurs, galleries, restaurateurs, we are offering SMW Lagos attendees a taste of the city’s nightlife, arts, culture and entertainment. Whether your thing is shopping, music, cocktails there is something for everyone on the #SMWLagosNites schedule.

Below is a list of the awesome offerings thus far!

#SMWLagosNites: Welcome Dinner at @Ginger_Tapas

#SMWLagosNites: TARUWA

#SMWLagosNites: Music & Words, Celebrating Freedom of Speech

#SMWLagosNites: The Power of Networking

#SMWLagosNites: Monopoly Game Night!

#SMWLagosNites: Champagne Mixer &; Late Night Shopping with L’Espace featuring New Designer Collections


#SMWLagosNites: Film Screening of Hyènes Presented by The Women’s Film Club

There is something for everyone! Make sure to save some energy to check the events out.

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