If you’re bummed out about your lack of knowledge of the continent, have no fear. A geography quiz will help you get started. The You Don’t Know Africa web game challenges you to identify the shapes of African countries while being timed.

The game comes from Click That Hood. It’s based on open data by Code for America’s 2013 fellowship team. The game is perfect for the travel geek in your life, or someone who wants to brush up on geography.

You Don't Know Africa Quiz

How fast do you think you can identify 20 countries in Africa?

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Bragging rights


The game has an easy version of identifying 20 countries. Or players can go all out and identify 49 countries.

And of course, it wouldn’t be fun unless there were bragging rights. Share your time with your friends and challenge them to take the quiz as well on social media.

Another cool feature is that you can add a city or region to the game. Geeks can find the shapefile of an area they want to highlight and submit it to Click That Hood to do the rest. Existing quizzes include South America, Mexico and cities such as Montreal. If you’re feeling extra geeky you can use the mapping software CartoDB and some coding to add your desired region. Maybe someone can add Lagos to the quiz. Playing the game can be a fun way for newcomers to get an introduction to the city. Hint, hint…




The theme for Social Media Week Lagos 2014 is A Connected Africa is the Future. If you have any questions about traveling to Lagos, please contact yours truly at [email protected] I hope to see you in Lagos.

Written by Roxanne L. Scott

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